Six wild blueberry dishes to make your holidays WILD

October 6, 2017

Six wild blueberry dishes to make your holidays WILD

Wild blueberries have surged in popularity in holiday dishes, sauces, sides, and drinks and as substitutes for traditional ingredients in classic recipes.  In addition to intense nutritional benefits, they also have an exceptional taste that pairs with proteins and shines in sweets.
When plating that’s pleasing to the eye is a central concern, wild blueberries provide a pop of color.  Of course, frozen wild blueberries are an all-season, go-to ingredient in pies, but holiday gatherings are a perfect time to think outside the crust.
As part of your quest for a wildly delicious meal, remember that frozen suits almost every recipe just as well as fresh – the substitution in recipes is one-to-one.  Frozen wild blueberries are ideal for cooking – no need to thaw – and make sure the blueberries are wild for maximum flavor, nutrition, and fruit-to-bite ratio (thanks to their smaller size).
Ready for a fabulous feast? Here are six wild blueberry dishes that will put your table on trend. 

To toast:
Wild blueberry bourbon sour

To start:
Baked camembert with wild blueberry chutney and salad

For the main:
Roast turkey with wild blueberry stuffing and apple compote

Vegan/vegetarian main:
Chef Christine Tizzard’s kid-friendly wild blueberry tabbouleh salad

Vegan/vegetarian side:
Fennel salad with wild blueberries

For dessert:
Brownie dominoes with wild blueberry cinnamon sauce