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Blueberry effects on dark vision and recovery after photobleaching: placebo-controlled crossover studies

Kalt, W.; McDonald, J. E.; Fillmore, S. A.; Tremblay, F.

Bilberry adulteration: identification and chemical profiling of anthocyanins by different analytical methods

Gardana, C.; Ciappellano, S.; Marinoni, L.; Fachechi, C.; Simonetti, P.

Chilean Native Fruit Extracts Inhibit Inflammation Linked to the Pathogenic Interaction Between Adipocytes and Macrophages

Reyes-Farias, M.; Vasquez, K.; Ovalle-Marin, A.; Fuentes, F.; Parra, C.; Quitral, V.; Jimenez, P.; Garcia-Diaz, D. F.

Effects of UV-B radiation on anatomical characteristics, phenolic compounds and gene expression of the phenylpropanoid pathway in highbush blueberry leaves

Inostroza-Blancheteau, C.; Reyes-Diaz, M.; Arellano, A.; Latsague, M.; Acevedo, P.; Loyola, R.; Arce-Johnson, P.; Alberdi, M.