The Ultimate Antioxidant Superfruit


Discover the Advantage of Going Wild!

All blueberries are not alike! Nature endowed Wild Blueberries with more of the premium Wild Advantages you’re looking for to meet today’s demand for healthy products. In size, performance, taste, natural appeal and antioxidant power, the Wild Ones give you more bang for your blueberry!

The Ultimate Antioxidant Superfruit

Wild Blueberries have more total antioxidant capacity as measured by ORAC than most other fruits, including cultivated blueberries, making them a powerful anti-aging superfruit.

More Berries

Smaller and more compact than cultivated blueberries, Wild Blueberries deliver more than twice the number of berries per pound for better looking, better tasting products.

More Flavor

A variety of sweet and tangy flavors combine to create a more intense Wild Blueberry taste that cultivated blueberries simply can’t match.

More Performance

Versatile Wild Blueberries add flavor and antioxidant goodness while maintaining their shape, texture and deep-blue color. And they freeze perfectly with quality and nutritional value intact.

More Naturality

Only in the fields and barrens of Downeast Maine and Canada does nature produce a blueberry so unique it has a special “wild” mystique all its own. Unlike cultivated berries, Wild gives you authentic naturality.