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Effects of blueberry supplementation on measures of functional mobility in older adults

Schrager, M. A.; Hilton, J.; Gould, R.; Kelly, V. E.

Blueberry treatment decreased D-galactose-induced oxidative stress and brain damage in rats

Coban, J.; Dogan-Ekici, I.; Aydin, A. F.; Betul-Kalaz, E.; Dogru-Abbasoglu, S.; Uysal, M.

The effects of wild blueberry consumption on plasma markers and gene expression related to glucose metabolism in the obese zucker rat

Vendrame, S.; Zhao, A.; Merrow, T.; Klimis-Zacas, D.

Simultaneous amperometric detection of ascorbic acid and antioxidant capacity in orange, blueberry and kiwi juice, by a telemetric system coupled with a fullerene- or nanotubes-modified ascorbate subtractive biosensor

Barberis, A.; Spissu, Y.; Fadda, A.; Azara, E.; Bazzu, G.; Marceddu, S.; Angioni, A.; Sanna, D.; Schirra, M.; Serra, P. A.

Chilean native fruit extracts inhibit inflammation linked to the pathogenic interaction between adipocytes and macrophages

Reyes-Farias, M.; Vasquez, K.; Ovalle-Marin, A.; Fuentes, F.; Parra, C.; Quitral, V.; Jimenez, P.; Garcia-Diaz, D. F.

Mirtoselect, an anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract, attenuates non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and associated fibrosis in ApoE( *)3Leiden mice

Morrison, M. C.; Liang, W.; Mulder, P.; Verschuren, L.; Pieterman, E.; Toet, K.; Heeringa, P.; Wielinga, P. Y.; Kooistra, T.; Kleemann, R.